Offer of plants

Business conditions

Assortment of goods offered by Schuch Company as the seller is not binding, unless otherwise indicated in the written order.

The goods are provided by Schuch Company based on an order that has to include:

If the buyer requires Schuch Company to provide transport, the order has to include the destination.

If the buyer arranges his own transport, the places for purchase are Schuch Company premises in the village Zdechovice or after previous agreement in the small town Kostelec nad Černými lesy.

Terms of payment

We require the first purchase paid in cash; the other orders can be paid by money transfer order in the case of finacial solvency. The usual actual date of payment is in two weeks.

Bank specifications:

bank: Česká spořitelna Kolín
account: 425954379/0800
IBAN: CZ 6508000000000425954379

Internet order system is designed for wholesale customers so they can make up their order easily and speed up the dispatch; retail customers can use it to get information about our offer.


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