History of company

Ornamentals garden nursery Schuch was established in 1990 by Josef and Pavel Schuch. Since beginning the company has concentrated on its own produce of ornamnetals and at the same time on the orchard landscaping – for both private proprietors and companies.

Most of our produce consist of the sale of ornamentals grown in both containers and open land as solitary plants. Since the beginning the company has succesfully exported its produce abroad to Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia and many other countries. Export of our goods is a quarter of our total produce. The other important part of company actvities is the orchard landscaping.

In the orchard landscaping we provide complete project documentation, work including ground shaping, minor construction work, water stractures (garden pond construction and planting, pools placing). We provide contanct for irrigation contrution, turf setup by both seeding and sward lay up, old gardens and parks reconstruciton including felling, etc.

View of the nursery
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